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Bellevue Literary Review (BLR) is an award-winning, independent literary magazine that features poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction that connect writers and readers in the most human of themes: health, healing, illness, and disease.  Please familiarize yourself with the journal by visiting our website and past issues.


Nonfiction Editor (volunteer), Bellevue Literary Review

BLR is seeking a Nonfiction Editor. Candidates must have significant nonfiction editing experience—either at a journal or in a teaching position. This is not a junior position, as the Nonfiction Editor will be leading a team of assistant editors.

  Please note that this is a volunteer position. BLR offers a modest yearly honorarium, and also helps promote editors’ writings with social media, newsletters, and events.


BLR publishes two issues per year. We use Submittable and receive ~1500 nonfiction submissions per year.

  The Nonfiction Editor’s job is to:

  • read and assess nonfiction submissions in a timely fashion on an ongoing basis (a team of reviewers helps make the first cut)
  • work with the nonfiction team (assistant editors) plus editor-in-chief to choose the final selections
  • work with authors to edit and polish their writing as needed (hands-on editing is divided among the nonfiction team)
  • ensure that the nonfiction team remains on schedule with the production calendar
  • facilitate open communication with the nonfiction team and the larger masthead. Organizing a team and engaging collaboratively within a team framework are necessary skills


Strong communication skills, rigorous time management and successful adherence to deadlines are a must.


BLR staff meetings occur 3-4 x per year (mostly online), but we are back to in-person events and gatherings, so we will give strong preference to candidates in the NYC area.

  As a volunteer position, scheduling is flexible, but the Nonfiction Editor would be expected to put in the equivalent of 3-4 hours per week.

  Editors are welcome to participate in BLR events—online or in-person readings, conversations, and author interviews—as well as our educational, social media, and outreach initiatives, but this is optional.

BLR recognizes that BIPOC, marginalized, and other underrepresented communities face unique challenges when accessing and engaging with the medical humanities. The BLR team strives to engage with writers, readers, and colleagues whose work broadens the field of literary inquiry. 


Application materials: 

  • Cover letter that addresses editing experience
  • CV, including two references (BLR contacts references only if the application advances)
  • Writing sample that relates to BLR themes of health, illness and healing. Max 3000 words.*
We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.