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 In Fall 2020, the Bellevue Literary Review will publish an issue on the theme of "Reading the Body." 

We are seeking writing that explores various ideas of "the body"—through metaphor and language ("heartsick," "lily-livered"); as first responders (to illness, stress, culture, religion, freedom); and as agents of change. When we change emotionally or spiritually, our bodies alter; when our bodies alter, our attitudes and spirit do too. Our bodies tell us our truths, reveal our truths, and sometimes blindside us with truths we may not have known. They sing an eloquent, often unconscious song. 

The "Reading the Body" issue will add to our canon of theme issues, touching on topics—like the impact of trauma and possibility of healing—that are very much in the current conversation. 


Deadline: January 1, 2020 ~ The issue will be published in Fall 2020.

Poetry:  We encourage poems that are accessible to a wide audience. Characteristics we look for are vivid writing, strong narrative, and rendering the familiar new. We encourage you to peruse back issues in our archive to get a sense of our ethos. Please submit no more than three poems. Each poem should be on a separate page within a single document.  

We encourage you to read BLR before you submit.  Samples from each issue are available in our online archive.

We consider simultaneous submissions, but request that you inform us  immediately if your work is accepted elsewhere.

If you are a current subscriber, you may submit under the No-Fee Submissions for Current BLR Subscribers  category. If you'd like to subscribe, please use the Subscribe  + Submit category.  (Be sure to note in the cover letter field that your submission is intended for this theme issue.)