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Order a copy of our 2019 prizewinners issue, which features the winning writers noted below, along with many other talented authors. See the full table of contents below.  

Congratulations to our winners:

Goldenberg Prize for Fiction, selected by Maud Casey
Winner: “The Kings of Gowanus” by Rae Meadows
Honorable Mention: “Bird Season” by Daniela Garvue

Felice Buckvar Prize for Nonfiction, selected by Elisabeth Rosenthal
Winner: “Harvest Moon” by Julia Michie Bruckner
Honorable Mention: “Lone Wolf” by Ellen Gunnarsdottir

Marica and Jan Vilcek Prize for Poetry, selected by Jennifer Bartlett
Winner: “Particle” by Jan Bottiglieri
Honorable Mention: “Dusk in Dupont Circle” by Martha Addy Young

Daniel Liebowitz Prize for Student Writing 

Winner: “Touch” by Stephanie X. Wu

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S.L. Bailey - "Let Them Lie"

Elizabeth Chase - "Emancipation"

Charles Conley - "Dream of the Italian Gentleman"

Daniela Garvue  - "Bird Season"

Jeremy Glazer - "Interruption"

Maggie Leffler  - "Blink"

Rae Meadows - "The Kings of Gowanus"

Leonard Post- "Sibilance"

Christina Robertson - "The Awful Thing"

Sarah Yahm - "Lydiola"

Jamie Zeppa - "The Opioid Epidemic Handbook for Parents"


Julia Michie Bruckner - "Harvest Moon"

Dante Di Stefano - "Book Review: Four First Books"

Ellen Gunnarsdottir - "Lone Wolf"

Pamela Hull - "Second Chance"

Stephanie X. Wu - "Touch"


Li Yun Alvarado - "Family Physician"

Alex Bernstein - "Lithium Canal"

Mary Block - "It Comes in Waves"

Michelle Boland - "Untouchable"

Jan Bottiglieri - "Particle"

Nicole Callihan - "Imaging"

Jona Colson - "The Other Life"

Steven Cramer - " Frontier"

Victoria Dalkey - "Watching the Olympics on Morphine"

David Gustavsen - " Seeing Dad's Scars For the First Time, Three Months After His Bear Attack"

Sandra Gustin - "House Staff"

Aimee Herman - "Archived and Bodily"

Sarah Koenig - "The Inside"

Brenda Miller - "As Is"

Joan Moritz - "Doughnuts"

Ted Morrissey - "Shroud"

Renée K. Nicholson - " Bury the Lead"

Michele Parker Randall - "Oystered"

Kali Veach - "109 Miles from the Mexican-American Border"

Jennifer Wolkin - "Show & Tell"

Martha Addy Young - "Dusk In Dupont Circle"

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