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Our Spring 2018 issue — featuring the winners of our annual prizes, chosen by judges Geraldine Brooks, Rivka Galchen, and Rachel Hadas — is available.

Congratulations to our winners:

Goldenberg Prize for Fiction, selected by Geraldine Brooks
Winner: “Atrophy” by Lauren Erin O’Brien
Honorable Mention: “Full Buck Moon” by Sheryl Louise Rivett
Honorable Mention: “Bamboo Forest” by Faith Shearin 

Felice Buckvar Prize for Nonfiction, selected by Rivka Galchen
Winner: “Cancer, So Far” by Elizabeth Crowell
Honorable Mention: “Drawing Blood” by Laura Johnsrude
Honorable Mention: “The Reluctant Sexton” by Martha Wolfe

Marica and Jan Vilcek Prize for Poetry, selected by Rachel Hadas
Winner: “Throat” by Gabriel Spera
Honorable Mention: “The Game of Catch” by Noah Stetzer

These issue also features work by many other talented writers, including Jason Brown, Ellen Aronofsky Cole, Patrick Donnelly, and Muriel Nelson.  Order your copy now.

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