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We are currently CLOSED to submissions. We will reopen on September 1, 2018.. 

Please read the guidelines below; the links to submit will become active on September 1.

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The BLR seeks high-caliber, unpublished work, broadly and creatively related to our themes of health, healing, illness, the mind, and the body.  We welcome submissions of fiction, creative nonfiction, and poetry.  We encourage you to read BLR before you submit.  Samples from each issue are available in our online archive.

  • Fiction: The Bellevue Literary Review seeks  character-driven fiction with original voices and strong settings. We do  not publish genre fiction (romance, sci-fi, horror).  Our word max is  5,000, though most of our published stories tend to be in the range of  2,000-4,000 words. We have only occasionally published flash fiction.   While we are always interested in creative explorations in style, we do  lean toward classic short stories.

    Creative Nonfiction: We are looking for essays that reach beyond the standard ‘illness  narrative’ to develop a topic in an engaging and original manner.  Incorporate anecdotes that feel alive, and dazzle us with thoughtful and  creative analysis that allows these anecdotes to serve a larger  purpose. Please, no academic discourses or works with footnotes. Maximum  5,000 words.

    Poetry submissions should have no more than 3 poems. Please include all poems in one document.  

  • We will consider simultaneous submissions, but request that you inform us immediately if your work is accepted elsewhere. 

  • Manuscripts can only be accepted electronically via Submittable.

  • The BLR is closed to submissions in July and August.  

  • Published authors will receive two copies of the issue in which their work appears, an additional 1-year subscription to the BLR,  as well as a gift subscription for a friend. There is an author  discount for purchasing extra copies.  Thanks to grant funding, we have  been able to pay our authors an honorarium for their work, and  will continue to do so when funds are available.

  • We strive to provide several reviewers for each manuscript and  kindly ask your patience in this necessarily slow process. But if you  have not heard from us within five months, feel free to inquire about  your manuscript.

  • BLR acquires first-time North American rights, and the right  to reprint in anthologies.  After publication, all other rights revert  to the author and the work may be reprinted as long as appropriate  acknowledgement to BLR is made. 

 (*For the BLR, “published work” means published in  print in North America, or published on the Internet in electronic  journals, e-zines, academic websites, and other “public” or “official”  websites. Works posted on personal blogs or websites will be considered  on a case-by-case basis. We ask that authors be honest about web  postings. If a work is discovered to have been posted or published  elsewhere--and not openly acknowledged by the author in advance--we will  remove it from consideration.)  

 If you have any questions or are having trouble submitting, please e-mail us at

$20.00 - 48.00
$20.00 - 48.00

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Our Spring 2018 issue — featuring the winners of our annual prizes, chosen by judges Geraldine Brooks, Rivka Galchen, and Rachel Hadas — is now available.

Congratulations to our winners:

Goldenberg Prize for Fiction, selected by Geraldine Brooks
Winner: “Atrophy” by Lauren Erin O’Brien
Honorable Mention: “Full Buck Moon” by Sheryl Louise Rivett
Honorable Mention: “Bamboo Forest” by Faith Shearin 

Felice Buckvar Prize for Nonfiction, selected by Rivka Galchen
Winner: “Cancer, So Far” by Elizabeth Crowell
Honorable Mention: “Drawing Blood” by Laura Johnsrude
Honorable Mention: “The Reluctant Sexton” by Martha Wolfe

Marica and Jan Vilcek Prize for Poetry, selected by Rachel Hadas
Winner: “Throat” by Gabriel Spera
Honorable Mention: “The Game of Catch” by Noah Stetzer

These issue also features work by many other talented writers, including Jason Brown, Ellen Aronofsky Cole, Patrick Donnelly, and Muriel Nelson.  Order your copy now.

Learn more about the contest winners


Order a copy of our the theme issue, "Finding Home: Family & Connections." The issue features an introductory essay by KJ Dell'Antonia, as well as new writing from Perri Klass, Ted Kooser, Rachel Hadas, Thomas March, and many other talented writers.   It also features beautiful cover art by father and son Paul and John Paul Caponigro, as well as an insert of their photographs.


Order a copy of our Spring 2017 issue, featuring the winners of our annual prizes, chosen by judges Kazim Ali, Ha Jin, and Ariel Levy.

Learn more about the contest winners.


Order a copy of our expanded 10th Anniversary issue, featuring a stunning trio of opening essays: "Illness as Muse" by Rafael Campo, "Illness and the Imagination" by Paul Harding, and "Bellevue: Fabled History Narrowed to a Fragment" by David Oshinsky.  The issue also features poems by Edward Hirsch, Naomi Shihab Nye, Cornelius Eady, Cortney Davis, Alberto Rios, and more; plus stories by Allegra Hyde, Anne Elliot, Robyn Parnell, and many other talented writers.  A color insert featuring photos from the historic Bellevue archive rounds out the issue.  Learn more here.

Order a copy of our the theme issue, "Reconstructions: The Art of Memory." The issue features a new essay by Francine Prose ("The Library of Forgetting"), as well as writing from R.L. Maizes, Robert Carr, Toni Mirosevich, Thomas R. Moore, and many other talented writers.

$12.00 - 15.00
$12.00 - 15.00


Pick up a back issue of BLR.  To read samples and see the table of contents for past issues, please visit our website.

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